Electric Document Management (EDM)
Electronic Document Management (EDM) is provided either as an on-prem or Cloud service, enabling quick, efficient, reliable and secure filling of information both paper and electronic with a means to retrieve it within a couple of clicks.
Document Management has always been an important aspect of business administration, however it has always suffered from simple errors such as misplacement, misfiling, naming conventions, which ultimately renders the document filed as lost when someone comes to seek that information.
Benefits to You:
  • Reduces Paper filling – Saves staff time, improves customer experience
  • Powerful filing flexibility – An immediate result when searching documents time, money savings realised
  • Integration with e-formats – Office documents and email can be filled next to paper invoices, letters or contracts – seamlessly, efficiently, accurately saving you time and money
  • Role-Based-Access – Admin and user rights appointed per person, only those with the correct permissions can edit/change a document   

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Documents filed using our service can be retrieved within seconds, version history is visible, notes and comments from previous viewers are available, workflows and processes can be implemented to ensure timelines are met and should auditing be required the system will provide a clear understanding of how and when work has been initiated and completed.