Internal Threat Management
As an integral part of your Data Loss Protection (DLP) plan Internal Threat Management protects against the leakage of data, inappropriate use of assets or organisational tools such as the Internet and helps to enforce Acceptable Use Policies (AUP).    
Once you have invited someone past all your defences, you trust they will not open a window for someone else, or take your prized possessions with them when they go. The biggest risk to the organisation now is the Internal Threat, staff with grievances, or a less sinister inadvertent breach of network security.
How sure can the Exec Team be that every employee will not become dissatisfied with a performance review, decision not to promote them, decline of salary increase and not start a process of looking else where? Or even be offered a ‘reward’ for dropping sensitive data to the competition? Whilst no organisation can stop this without taking a lifetime of social engineering on their staff, the next best thing is ensure that the systems are prepared for the unlikely event in the first place. 
What we can do for YOU?
Deliver an industry leading solution that proactively monitors user defined thresholds and archives network traffic; so you can have inline warning when users or systems fall out of normal behaviour; so you can deliver accurate reports on what is happening within your network.
Benefits to You:
  • Real Time Reporting - Message alerts when activity falls out of the norm, STOP a transgression before it happens
  • Threshold Setting - Your company is different from others, we'll meet your requirements
  • Internal Security - Your data, your information, your staff, we'll help to keep it SAFE

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