Videos and Animations
The videos included below are from our suppliers and ourselves. They include how tos and general info.
Cyber Security - A Strategic Solution
Cyber Security requires strategic solutions. The nature and type of solutions are dependent on the your network specifics. However we can always be looking at some commonality, such as External and Internal Threat Management, Real Time Threat Defence, Sandboxing, monitoring, analytics and anomaly detection. 

This first video looks at how most networks have developed over time and what are the common issues.    
Real Time Threat Defence
This is an exciting vendor to be working with: Anomaly Detection, Command and Control, Behavioural Sandboxing are just a few of the elements they bring to the Cyber Security table. Not to mention the inclusion of the FICO's cyber security analytics. 

As threats change your cyber security solutions should do so also. iBoss have a commanding impact on zero day threat defence, too much to be ignored.  
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Tree Swing
This is our take on the classic Tree Swing Management dilemma, 
Needless to say it is not how we do things here at Incommsec.
But we are aware that the lack of communication will lead to customers not getting what they have asked for. 
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It is a competitive marketplace and there is more than one supplier of monitoring solutions. 

Finding the right one is important so we have two to choose from, the providers who are currently best in the market, in our opinion. 

Both have strengths so it is always important to consider options prior to making a decision. 
We love MDM or EMM as a solution. We are really happy working with ProMDM and we have a great working relationship with SOTI as well. 
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Hosted Telephony
Hosted Voice is not a new service, we've been delivering this for over three years. 
We think this clip has got to be one of the most condescending, but the actual service is great. It can be tied in with a number of other services as well. 
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Managed Security - Domain Level
This is great clip all the wording is in English with the commentary in Italian. 
The vendor is an Italian based company so we can excuse them for that, demos for the service are easily provided. 
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Managed Security - Endpoint
The clip above is focused on Domain level filtering with this video showing a new way to deliver endpoint security